Why I’m Voting LEAVE…..

I believe we need a global response to immigration.
My grandfather came to the UK in 1963 from India in want for a better life for him and his family. Britain gave him the chance to earn a fair day’s wage for a fair days work, it allowed him to be a run his own business and give back to society without any bureaucracy. Britain gave him a chance to have higher hopes for his children (and now grandchildren) so they could go to school without having to worry of having to work and study from an early age.
Being apart of the EU allows EU citizens to have the right to come here but not based on skills, education, what they can contribute to society but based on where they were born. We should have a global response to immigration so we attract the best doctors, teachers, engineer, businessmen to Britain to allow our country to flourish and not discriminate based on where an individual was born or what colour their passport is.

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