What politics should be about … respecting each others views

I’ve just seen President Obama’s video where he told off the Clinton rally for boo-ing a Trump supporter (video below). I couldn’t agree more with his actions!

This is what politics should be about – respecting each other’s views but getting out and making your voice heard through the ballot box.

There is little point in spreading hatred and making someone or a group of people feel isolated due to their views. We should be glad people have a difference of opinion so we can debate, discuss and they can hold our views to account.

This is both in the US elections but also here at home after the Brexit vote – why is there so much hatred when everyone had a vote and a chance to make their voice heard. We need to get more involved in politics and influence more. We need to influence politics and politicians to understand our point of view not just shout from the outside and abuse fellow voters. Thats not what democracy is about.

Lets all get involved more! Lets have our voices heard on all topics of debate. But most importantly, let’s all respect a democratic vote, peoples views and the democratic decision.

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