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Harsimrat Kaur from Calverley near Bradford who has been interviewed by Charlie Brooks about the EU referendum
Harsimrat Kaur from Calverley near Bradford who has been interviewed by Charlie Brooks about the EU referendum CREDIT: BEN LACK

Harsimrat Kaur, 24, was brought up in London and Bradford. Her grandparents came to Britain from Lahore in 1963 and her father followed them from Delhi a year later. She is a maths graduate from Reading university.

What do you think of the European Union?

It has its good points and bad points but unfortunately the bad points outweigh the good.

What is the main reason to vote leave?

Immigration. We need a fairer and more humane system. My grandparents came here so that their girls could have the same opportunities as their boys. Britain gave us the opportunity to be Sikhs without discrimination.

But it’s now prejudicial and discriminatory that Europeans can come here with no skills or aptitude to work and people from other commonwealth countries, for example, can’t. There should be one set of rules for everyone.


Harsimrat Kaur from Calverley near Bradford
Harsimrat Kaur from Calverley near Bradford CREDIT: BEN LACK

Do you think that the EU has kept peace in Europe?

Yes, when it started. But peace now is about having control of your own borders and control of who lives in your country. The war we’re fighting now is economic. Look how India and China are trading and growing.

Does the EU help our economy?

No – it restricts us from trading with parts of the world that are growing faster than the EU. We should have trade agreements with India.

How do you think we’ll trade outside the EU?

The EU ideal hasn’t worked. We can trade with India, China, USA, Canada. Are you really saying Europe won’t trade with us? Their businesses are in the same amount of jeopardy as ours.

Are you concerned about the effect immigration has on housing availability?

If there is uncontrolled immigration, yes. We need to know who is coming in, what skills they have and how we can help them. We don’t have the process in place to know where anyone is or who they are.

Are you concerned about the potential expansion of the EU?

There are a lot more countries coming in and the economic processes are not in place.

Do you believe the government’s migration figures?

As a mathematician, I know you can massage numbers. You can spin numbers to tell your story.

Do you feel that immigration integration has failed in the UK?

The struggle comes when people can’t speak English and then that’s when it fails. There has to be a stipulation for immigration that you have got to learn the language. And that isn’t racially prejudiced. It applies to everyone.

Do you believe we can control our border and immigration within the EU?

I was on the fence until the PM failed to renegotiate control of our border. We need to know how many people are here and where they are for schools, hospitals…. He failed to renegotiate who is coming in.

Harsimrat Kaur 
Harsimrat Kaur  CREDIT: BEN LACK

Why do you think the Government is urging people to vote remain? 

The PM should have abstained. He should have been impartial.

Do you think the Government have played with a straight bat?

No – and they’ve used taxpayers’ money. I got five of those white leaflets through my door. Are you kidding?

Do you think bodies such as the Treasury and the Bank of England have been politicised?

The Treasury has been politicised. I was surprised by the Bank of England. As a mathematician I expected them to demonstrate both scenarios and that’s what he [Mark Carney] should have done. I think he was pressurized.

What do you think of Obama urging people to vote to remain in the EU?

He’s a brilliant speaker and they tried to use him to warm people up. He’s all about emotion, but they forgot he isn’t British. He hasn’t been part of a system like the EU and he hasn’t had our experience.

How are your family and friends going to vote? 

When we debate this at the Gurdwara, our place of worship, a lot of people are on the fence. For me as a Sikh, why do I want to be part of a union that says I can’t go into schools without taking my turban off; it’s the same for Christians, Muslims and Jews. It’s about living in what’s being dubbed as a faithless EU.

Which ‘leaver’ is most convincing?

Tactically and mathematically, Michael Gove has it sorted. Gisela Stewart is an amazing ambassador for the female voice. And she’s a non Tory.

I hope we hear more from Priti Patel – I haven’t heard as much of her as I’d like. Her speech at Women for Britain was brilliant – she nailed it.

Do you think we can help shape the EU by staying in?

If we could the PM would have done so already – and I wished he had but he showed he couldn’t in his renegotiation.

Do you believe that ‘inners’ really believe in what they’re voting for?

Younger people will probably vote for what they know – but I don’t think they know why they want to remain.

What is your message to undecided voters?

Research – find out what the EU has done for you and your family, then make an informed choice.

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