Valentines Day:: What is True Love?

From a Gursikh on Whatsapp……

Valentine’s day is here, true love is in the air and I see my beloved everywhere. The colour of love, hearts of red, aroma of roses, sweet smiles and sweet nothings abound. This is picture perfect – who else experiences this true love?

So What is True Love according to Gurbani and how many of us really experience this true love, Something which is eternal, cannot be changed, cannot die etc and If this is the case then there is only one thing……


“bin naam preeth piaar naahee (Without Naam, the Name of the Lord, there is no love and affection);
“Har Bin Preet, Hor Preet Sabh Chutti”

laelai majanoo(n) aasakee chahu chakee jaathee||
The Lovers Laila and Majanu are well known in all quarters of the world.
sorat(h) beejaa gaaveeai jas sugharraa vaathee||
The excellent song of Sorath and Bija is sung in every direction.
sasee pu(n)noo(n) dhosathee hue jaath ajaathee||
The Love of Sassi and Punnun, though of different castes is everywhere spoken of.
maeheevaal no sohanee nai tharadhee raathee||
The fame of Sohani who used to swim the Chenab river in the night to meet Mahival is well known.
raa(n)jhaa heer vakhaaneeai ouhu piram paraathee||
Ranjah and Hir are renowned for the Love they bore each other.
peer mureedhaa pireharree gaavan parabhaathee ||1||
But superior to all Love is the Love the disciples bear for their Guru. They sing it at the ambrosial hour of the morning.(1)

and how is this explained in Gurbani.

Love is often expressed between Sikhs who are in love with the Divine Beloved. This is a kind of friendship which, regardless of gender, exists between souls beyond the realm of physical boundaries. Gurbani states that people consider each other to be their sakhi or the soul sister-bride of the divine groom Waheguru. Soul brides help each other to remember Waheguru by exchanging “Arrows of Love,” which pierce the heart through to the soul.

Guru Raam Das Ji says “
maerai man praem lago har theer ||
My mind is pierced through by the arrow of the Lord’s Love.
birehai baedhhee sach vasee bhaaee adhhik rehee har naae ||8||
Pierced by His Love, she abides in Truth, O Siblings of Destiny, deeply imbued with the Lord’s Name.

…and this can be experienced through the following:

Shabad Kirtan – Singing hymns together.

Naam Simran – Contemplating Waheguru as a group.

Paath – Reading or reciting scripture as a group, turn by turn.

Gurbani Tuk – The sharing of lines from verses of scripture.

Kathaa – Explaining the meaning of scripture.

Itihas – Sharing stories about the gurus.

Saakhee – Sharing inspirational stories.

Vichar – Spiritual discussions.

Seva – Selflessly serving.

Kirat Kamaii – Truthful Living.

Vand Chakna – Sharing

aapae mael milaaeae karathaa laagai saach piaaro ||6||
The Creator Himself unites us in Union, and inspires us to love the Truth. ||6||

But there is also a condition to Love too!!!………

Guru Nanak Dev advises us to give up the ego to experience the ecstasies of divine love:

jo tho praem khaelan kaa chaao ||
If you desire to play this game of love with Me,
sir dhhar thalee galee maeree aao ||
then step onto My Path with your head in hand.

eith maarag pair dhhareejai ||
When you place your feet on this Path,

sir dheejai kaan n keejai ||20||
give Me your head, and do not pay any attention to public opinion. ||20||

And Those who don’t accept this condition…….

ounaa sach n bhaavee dhukh hee maahi pacha(n)n ||18||
They do not love the Truth – they are consumed by their pain. ||18||

jinaa a(n)dhar koorr varathai sach n bhaavee ||
Those who are permeated by falsehood, do not love the Truth.

sach n dhharae piaar dhha(n)dhhai dhhaaeeai ||
People do not enshrine love for the Truth; they chase after worldly affairs instead.

Traits of a true lover are to be attentive to the needs of their lover – by being humble, forgiving/accepting and speaking sweet words to their beloved (Bhagat Fareed Jee, 1384 Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee).

And by recognising, accepting and understanding this True Love, you will also Realise the following……….

This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Aasaa on Pannaa 391

aasaa mehalaa 5 ||
Aasaa, Fifth Mehla:

prabh kee preeth sadhaa sukh hoe ||
In the Love of God, eternal peace is obtained.

prabh kee preeth dhukh lagai n koe ||
In the Love of God, one is not touched by pain.

prabh kee preeth houmai mal khoe ||
In the Love of God, the filth of ego is washed away.

prabh kee preeth sadh niramal hoe ||1||
In the Love of God, one becomes forever immaculate. ||1||

sunahu meeth aisaa praem piaar ||
Listen, O friend: show such love and affection to God,

jeea praan ghatt ghatt aadhhaar ||1|| rehaao ||
the Support of the soul, the breath of life, of each and every heart. ||1||Pause||

prabh kee preeth bheae sagal nidhhaan ||
In the Love of God, all treasures are obtained.

prabh kee preeth ridhai niramal naam ||
In the Love of God, the Immaculate Naam fills the heart.

prabh kee preeth sadh sobhaava(n)th ||
In the Love of God, one is eternally embellished.

prabh kee preeth sabh mittee hai chi(n)th ||2||
In the Love of God, all anxiety is ended. ||2||

prabh kee preeth eihu bhavajal tharai ||
In the Love of God, one crosses over this terrible world-ocean.

prabh kee preeth jam thae nehee ddarai ||
In the Love of God, one does not fear death.

prabh kee preeth sagal oudhhaarai ||
In the Love of God, all are saved.

prabh kee preeth chalai sa(n)gaarai ||3||
The Love of God shall go along with you. ||3||

aapahu koee milai n bhoolai ||
By himself, no one is united, and no one goes astray.

jis kirapaal this saadhhasa(n)g ghoolai ||
One who is blessed by God’s Mercy, joins the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.

kahu naanak thaerai kurabaan ||
Says Nanak, I am a sacrifice to You.

sa(n)th outt prabh thaeraa thaan ||4||34||85||
O God, You are the Support and the Strength of the Saints.

Then during your daily lives……………..

karam dhharam sa(n)jam sath bhaao ||
The love of the Truth is my karma and Dharma – my faith and my actions, and my self-control.
sach baanee sach sabadh hai jaa sach dhharae piaar ||
When you love the Truth, your words are true; they reflect the True Word of the Shabad.

sachee kaar kamaavanee sachae naal piaar ||
They act truthfully, in love with the True Lord.

They Purchase/gather the Truth; They deal in the Truth, They LOVE the Truth

And you will never get tired or Bored of this True Love, because….

saach kee math sadhaa nouthan sabadh naehu navaelou ||
The Teachings of Truth are forever new; the love of the Shabad is forever fresh.

So if you Love the True Guru – Waheguru – Stand on the highest Roof Top and say……

vaahu maerae saahibaa vaahu ||
Waaho! Waaho! Hail, hail to my Lord and Master.

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