The UK better protects our religious freedom than the EU

I took some time to speak at my local Gurdwara on my reasons to #voteleave

The biggest reasons for Sikhs is how the UK better protects our religious freedom than the EU does. Currently in France and Belgium have already banned religious items being worn in public buildings thats schools, hospitals, courts of law, etc.


Last week an ECJ (European Court of Justice) lawyer said that this law should be expanded to across all EU countries.

If this becomes law, then the UK will have to implement it as laws from ECJ are more supreme than our own British laws. So the Race Relations Act and Equalities Act which protect our religious rights – will no longer be able to protect us.

By leaving we can lead by example and then influence other countries to protect the dignity of their own citizens – something the EU doesn’t currently do.

We must #voteleave on June the 23rd to ensure our laws are supreme and we can protect religious freedom.

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