The State of My Nation. How Far Did You Take Your Amrit?

The State of My Nation. How Far Did You Take Your Amrit?

Now this is a message, to all you young and old
A story everyone knows, yet it’s never been told
The state of my nation, today, is a shame
I’m here to let you know, the rules to this game
Before I begin, I’ll apologize to you
You don’t want to hear the truth but that’s how we do.

We call ourselves children of the King of Perfection
Have you ever looked ahead, at your own reflection?
How far have you taken your Amrit, Singh?
Do you know what it means, to represent the True King?

Your blue bana blows, as you walk with a limp
Your nice kirpan and clean dastar, callin’ yourself a “pimp”
You don’t even know the name of Guru Nanak’s Father,
You’d rather check out all the Singhnees and tell them to holler

You walk into the scene thinking you’re so great,
You never do your nitnem, but hey, that can wait…
You want to make sure everyone thinks you’re hot
You want to show all the sangat the respect you’ve got

Guru Gobind Singh, Mata Sahib Kaur, yeah they’ll forgive me,
You say, oblivious, to their great Kurbani
You think it’s all good if you look the part,
You yourself don’t realize, you’ll have to depart

Where’d your Bani go, your simran and sweetness?
Did you lose it all in the pleasures of fake, false bliss?
You dress up in Bana as if God is a game
You’re getting jealous of other Singhs and you forgot The Name!!

You have rivalry with x,y, and z Singh,
There is even a girl with which you have a fling!!
Have you forgot where you’re from, Sri KesGarh Sahib?
Did you forget our Shaheed’s blood at Sri Amritsar Sahib?

Do you realize the great bhagti of Baba Deep Singh ji?
Of Mata Bhag Kaur, and dear Bhai Mani Singh ji?
They took their Amrit straight to Sach Khand, and proved, it’s true
This Amrit can make lions, of weaklings like you

Now tell me about your Amrit, where did you take it?
You’re living in a lie, but to your Guru, don’t fake it
You should be seeing every girl like a sister or mother,
But you’ve told em “hey baby, don’t call me your brother”

It’s a SHAME to the name, and the fame of Sikhi,
Where’d you take your Amrit and where should you be?
You look down on people who cut their hair,
But you have no Sikhi inside, so how would you compare?

Now listen, Sikh girls, you aint any less,
Your desire’s can’t be hid beneath a nice Khalsa dress
Your Bana, kirpan, hair, sure, it gives you grace,
But you hide and bleach all the hair on your face…

I know it’s hard, sister, to be this strong
But you have every excuse to do what’s wrong
You hide under your graceful shawl and suit,
Walkin in the Gurdwara, thinkin “Hey, that Singh’s cute”

What has become, of the Khalsa glory, dear Kaur
Without your Amritvela, you’ve just lost your core,
And even those who have Amritvela and Bana – whoa!!
Are still caught in slandering every girl they know

You should be a leader, ambassador of Truth
But you’re wrapped in the false beauty of youth
You want to prove to everyone that you’re better than them,
You’re holding on to rocks, letting go of the gem

Forget Gurbani, and nitnem, and showerin’ and prayers
We wanna get guys and girls, we wanna live like players
We look so hot in our Bana, our 9’inch Kirpans and Pughs
Forget Singh Shaheeds, our role models are Thugs

We enter the Gurdwara, and we swear and do ninda,
But we don’t ever forget to wear t-shirts of Sukha & Jinda!!
Yeah, sure, parade Sant Jarnail Singh ji’s face on your shirt,
Without learning his legacy, and keepin’ your mind in the dirt

Why do we pretend to understand our Guru’s grace?
We’ve taken our Amrit into the dirt, black is our face
And the saddest thing about this is it’s 100% true
And unfortunately, I’m in the same spot as you.

– Anonymous

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