The Seed of Gursikhi

Hard Soil

We start of as ‘Hard Soil’, stuck in our ways and ‘happy’ with how we are. Indeed the more ‘happy’ we feel the harder our soil becomes. The longer we remain like this, the more difficult it is to change. Change Management theory calls this our frozen state, where we have low tolerance to change due to being satisfied with our existing routines, so to create change one must become unfrozen.

The unfreezing stage occurs when people recognise they have a problem, or they find something better and want to change. From here the ‘Hard Soil’ can become Soft through the action of digging which involves exposure to Sikhi discussion, Sikhi education and Gurbani contemplation and recitation

Planting the seeds in the rocky soil, how can one reap a profit? – Guru Nanak dev ji

Soft Soil

Once a person has begin to prepare their soil more through exposure to Sikhi, it then becomes important to maintain this through regular digging (exposure to sangat and sikhi practices). This is the stage where you prepare for your field for the seed. The field is the body/mind and the seed is the naam which is planted within you during your Amrit Sanchaar. So for the soil to remain soft and maintained one must keep discipline. This is where Rehat comes in. Refraining from the 4 cardinal sins is a must for your fields soil to remain soft and healthy. You often start to do Paath and Simran at this stage and are watering your field.

The Seed

Watering a field where no seed has been planted will only result in weeds so this is where the seed is important. You prepare your inner body/mind to receive the seed of naam during your amrit sanchaar. The panj pyaray place their hands on your head and you receive naam. This seed is implanted within you and becomes the ultimate focus of your life. A Gursikh values this seed very much and does not jeopardise or endanger this seed by poisoning the soil (mind/body).

Preparing the field of the body, the seed is planted within it– Guru Nanak Dev ji

Watering the Seed

For a seed to sprout you need a number of elements. Firstly healthy soil is vital, meaning a good disciplined routine and keeping rehat. From here watering the seed is extremely important. The watering of the seed is your Amritvela, Naam Abhiyaas, Gurbani Paath. This seed is hungry for water all the time, it is never full and the more we water it the quicker it will sprout and grow. So once Naam has been implanted the Gursikh will keep a disciplined Amritvela, do as much Naam simran and read as much Gurbani as possible for the Naam to flourish. Once naam takes residence in onces heart then that becomes a permanent sprinkler which is watering the seed all the time.

The One Word of the Shabad abides within my mind; I shall not come to be born again. –

Guru Nanak Dev ji

The Sun

The final factor for this seed to grow into a tree is the Sun. The Sun must be present otherwise no matter what you do the plant will wither and die. The Sun is Gurus Kirpa. For a Gursikhs naam da boota (tree of naam) to grow they must have sunlight/sunrays (Gurus Kirpa). Without kirpa then nothing can be achieved.

From here watering everyday and careful maintenance of the soil and Gurus Kirpa shining through is likely to result in the Gursikhs tree of naam to grow bigger and bigger within them till it begins to take up all the space. Soon there will be no place for panj chor or maya… The vibrations of naam will fill the persons body and find a permanent place in their breath and heart.

Make this body the field, and plant the seed of good actions. Water it with the Name of the Lord, who holds all the world in His Hands – Guru Nanak Dev ji

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