The next Conservative Leader needs to be….

I’ll be looking for someone with conviction to their morals, someone who looks to social justice in each decision – the idea that we are the party who helps people up the ladder, the fact that we do what’s right not what’s easy, the idea that we provide opportunities for all regardless of caste, creed, colour, social background, where you are born.

But above all, as the next leader will most likely be Prime Minister – someone who is willing to govern for all and not just the ‘core conservative voters’ or ‘core brexiteers.’ We need someone who is willing to take into consideration the 16 million remain voters and ensure their concerns are heard and considered.

David Cameron was one of the people who inspired me to get involved with politics and take an interest – in his leadership bid back in 2005 he said:

I believe that if you have got the right ideas in your head and the right passion in your heart, and if you know what this party needs to do to change, then you should go for it

That is someone I’m looking for. Someone who has passion, conviction, the right ideas (not the easy ones) and someone who is willing to shake up the party (because it really does need reform).


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