The mind is many things.

It can be cruel
It can be truthful
It can be loving
but yet it can be lonely

The mind is the powerful creation of man
It no longer dwells on animal behavior
It thinks, it learns, it communicates with another
but yet it can have pride and ego

Mind be loving, sensitive and sweet
Do not let worries, wonders and imagination take over
Be yourself and be cool

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An Understanding Mind

A jumble in my mind I say,
Words that can’t be understood.
A thought that’s gone astray,
Bring it back if I could.

I shuffle and ramble,
In my brain my thoughts array.
Lord, help me please….
Can’t stand hurting this way!

And He speaks in that soft voice
Known only to his own.
Be still my child, know I am here;
You are not alone.

I hear the humble cry of desperation,
The fear within your mind,
Be still, know I am here,
Above all, be kind.

You are the vessel
In which I dwell.
Through your words,
Others read Heaven’s mail.

So be thoughtful and kind,
Words that honor me, speak.
Above all, my Child,
Please be meek.

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