Spoken Words – Time To Act

Take a seat sit down and relax, im just gona point out a few facts
so listen up carefully cos it’s the time to act
Through out our history we’ve been sacrificing
We’ve been boiled alive, hacked to pieces and yet still surviving
We need to learn and educate our selves
Through this time of kaljug we gotta learn to survive
Remembering the lord all through the day and night
And learning the difference between wrong and right
Singh is known to be a king
Only when he follows Guru’s hukam
He meditates on the words of God
Frees himself from kaam krodh lobh moh hankaar
And in front of guru granth sahib ji he becomes the shining star
Mighty warriors such as Baba Deep Dingh Ji and Banda Singh Bahadur,
the Khalsa stands up for human rights inspired by Guru Tegh Bahadur,
our history is full of so many martys
we keep the legacies alive inspired by our forefathers
so here’s a small benti to all you out there
It’s nearly the end of year 2008
Let’s not hold anymore debates
Stand as the Khalsa strong and straight
Lets get our act together, before its too late..

By Anonymous Singh & Kaur

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