Sangat Jee,

You can download the desktop version of SikhiToTheMax 2 from the below links:…0and%20Veechaar

Please forgive us if you have problems downloading the software, we are having problems with our servers but still wanted Sangat to use it.

Our Veers at other sites will also host the software. We will advise you as soon as the software is on their sites.

Below is some information about the new release:


Before using this software, you need to have the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 installed. To check if you have it installed, go to your C: drive on your computer and check to see if you have the following directory:


Alternatively, go to Control Panel and double click on Add Remove Programs. The “Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1” program should be listed in the list.

If you DO NOT, then you need to install the following setup that is available at…;displaylang=en

IF YOU ARE USING VISTA – after installing this program, you must set the permissions of the install directory (default C:Program FilesSikhiToTheMAX II) and give full control to all users.

See below:

Vista Security – Permissions Issue

By default the directory where STTM II gets installed does not have the correct permissions. We will endeavour to fix this shortly. To overcome the problem follow these instructions. You will need administrator rights.

1) Open file explorer

2) Select the install directory (by default this will be C:Program FilesSikhiToTheMAX II)

3) Right click on the directory

4) Select properties

5) Select the Security tab

6) Click the “Edit…” button

7) In the “Group or user names” list select “User (YourPCUsers)” (YourPC will be your computer name)

8) In the “Permissions for Users” click on the “Allow” checkbox for “Full Control”.

All of the checkboxes in the “Allow” column should now be selected.

Click “OK”

Click “OK”

Run the software.


Latest Features and Bug fixes

23 March 2008 – Office 2007 look and feel

23 March 2008 – Grouping and sorting in the results grid

23 March 2008 – Rich Text simple view

23 March 2008 – Powerpoint presentation and customisation of ppts

23 March 2008 – Akhand Paat mode with customisation for font sizes

23 March 2008 – Hukamnama scroller

23 March 2008 – PDF output

23 March 2008 – Toggle tranliteration

23 March 2008 – Toggle Larreevaar view

23 March 2008 – Toggle Bisraam view

23 March 2008 – Indexes for Guru Granth Sahib, Amrit Keertan, Dasam Granth, Hukamnamas

23 March 2008 – Compiled Gurbani files for popular Banis

23 March 2008 – Auto update ability – receive latest updates if connected to the internet when starting application

23 March 2008 – Extensive help pdf files and videos (online)

And so much more…………………

You will need to use Powerpoint 2003 onwards for this version of STTM.

Please look at the PDF help files before emailing us or posting problems, they are in the STTM 2 folder on your PC: c:programsSikhiToTheMax II

Please email us on the below address’s for any information or problems. We will try and help and resolve any issues as fast as we can.

Any mistakes in the program or any work we did to bring this software to the Sangat please forgive us and we humbly ask the Sangat to do Ardas for us so we continue to Seva in spreading Guru Jee’s Word.

SikhiToTheMax Sevadaars!

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