Purpose of Life

Last exam tommorrow and I will begin to blog again regularly. Below is a little something to show what is the purpose of life and how great god is.

This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 206  
gauVI mhlw 5 ]
gourree mehalaa 5 ||
Gauree, Fifth Mehla:
quJ ibnu kvnu hmwrw ]
thujh bin kavan hamaaraa ||
Except for You, who is mine?
myry pRIqm pRwn ADwrw ]1] rhwau ]
maerae preetham praan adhhaaraa ||1|| rehaao ||
O my Beloved, You are the Support of the breath of life. ||1||Pause||
AMqr kI ibiD qum hI jwnI qum hI sjn suhyly ]
a(n)thar kee bidhh thum hee jaanee thum hee sajan suhaelae ||
You alone know the condition of my inner being. You are my Beautiful Friend.
srb suKw mY quJ qy pwey myry Twkur Agh Aqoly ]1]
sarab sukhaa mai thujh thae paaeae maerae t(h)aakur ageh atholae ||1||
I receive all comforts from You, O my Unfathomable and Immeasurable Lord and Master. ||1||
brin n swkau qumry rMgw gux inDwn suKdwqy ]
baran n saako thumarae ra(n)gaa gun nidhhaan sukhadhaathae ||
I cannot describe Your Manifestations, O Treasure of Excellence, O Giver of peace.
Agm Agocr pRB AibnwsI pUry gur qy jwqy ]2]
agam agochar prabh abinaasee poorae gur thae jaathae ||2||
God is Inaccessible, Incomprehensible and Imperishable; He is known through the Perfect Guru. ||2||
BRmu Bau kwit kIey inhkyvl jb qy haumY mwrI ]
bhram bho kaatt keeeae nihakaeval jab thae houmai maaree ||
My doubt and fear have been taken away, and I have been made pure, since my ego was conquered.
jnm mrx ko cUko shsw swDsMgiq drswrI ]3]
janam maran ko chooko sehasaa saadhhasa(n)gath dharasaaree ||3||
My fear of birth and death has been abolished, beholding Your Blessed Vision in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. ||3||
crx pKwir krau gur syvw bwir jwau lK brIAw ]
charan pakhaar karo gur saevaa baar jaao lakh bareeaa ||
I wash the Guru’s Feet and serve Him; I am a sacrifice to Him, 100,000 times.
ijh pRswid iehu Baujlu qirAw jn nwnk ipRA sMig imrIAw ]4]7]128]
jih prasaadh eihu bhoujal thariaa jan naanak pria sa(n)g mireeaa ||4||7||128||
By His Grace, servant Nanak has crossed over this terrifying world-ocean; I am united with my Beloved. ||4||7||128||

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