POLICY DISCUSSION: A chance to discuss policy and submit a report to a minister

Many of us have been having many discussions on various topics lately – Bhai Gurbaksh Singh, Political Prisoners, Brar case etc. So to continue this, in a constructive environment, there will be a policy discussion in two weeks time (5th of January) on ‘secure state protects individual liberty.’ Please see poster for more details.

Aim: to have our voice heard on all issues

Objective: to have regular meetings to discuss topics and put forward our views, concerns and realistic solutions.

All views will be written into a report and then sent to the relevant minister in Government for a response. AND We do get a response!

Please do come along and share your views. If you cannot make it, please send your views to harsimrat.kaur.fateh@googlemail.com and I will compile it into the report. Please share this event with others.

Full address for the Gurdwara: Wakefield Road, Bradford, BD4 7DP

Get Involved. Lets Have Our Voice Heard!

See the FaceBook event:

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