North Youth Smagam – AMAZING!!

This past week has been so amazing.

The smagam was just WOW


On wednesday evening, the smagam began and the keertan (hymms) where amazing….people were already here from India, Canada, London and Birmingham. The sangat (congregation) was awesome. The program didn’t finish till 21.30.

Thursday morning was even better. More people had turned up from places in UK and around the world. The morning prayers started at 5 but simran (mediation/chanting god’s name) started at 3 so me and my sister begged my dad to take us and HE DID!!!!

The evening was way awesome…. below is a audio clip of the keertan!!

Veer Harmandar Singh – may take a while to buffer (sorry) or visit

for full list of people….keep checking for full list!! they’ll come slowly!!

Friday Morning was totally awesome too!! Just wish i could have stayed till the end. Me, sis and dad have to leave everyday about 8 because we had school and dad had to get to work.

Friday evening went on till 22.00. It was totally amazing! I can’t describe it!!!!!

Saturday morning was very tiring but amazing. I was falling asleep and there was my sister, and two other people keeping me awake!!! I didn’t mind….were all family and thats what family does.

Saturday Night was so amazing. Some of the youth took Amrit (got baptised (in a sense)) This night i cannot explain all i can say……… WAHEGURU!!!

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