Me and My Turban

looking through my 1000’s of old e-mail which i’ve kept…..this is a good one

Me and My Turban

19 Feb 07
How hard is it to be a turban-wearing Sikh? At a time when outward
religious symbols are under constant scrutiny, this Asian Network
Report goes back to basics and unravels (excuse the pun) what’s tied
up in the turban.

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Turban – The unique outlook of a Sikh
Turban – The protector of lovingly kept Kesh (unshorn hair)
Turban – The Guru’s divine gift
Turban – The pride of a Sikh
Turban – The saint-soldier’s uniform
Turban – The mark of valor
Turban – The crown bestowed by the Guru
Turban – The style of lions
Turban – The honor of the Khalsa
Turban – The most amazing piece of cloth
Turban – The spirit of the brave
Turban – The identity of a Gursikh
Turban – The fierce pride in Sikhism
Turban – The obedience of a Sikh
Turban – The true love for the Guru displayed
Turban – The way to identify a Sikh of the Guru
Turban – The identification of the humble
Turban – The portrayal of submission to Wahe Guru’s Will.
Turban – The reminder to work for humanity
Turban – The promise to stay faithful
Turban – The self-esteem of a Sikh
Turban – The desire for recognition as a Sikh
Turban – The acceptance of Guru Granth Sahib as the final Guru body
Turban – The lovingly and neatly tied cloth on the head.

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