Love for Singhs

Daas read a topic with the above title. It was written by a Veer who has cut hair, it deeply affected my heart and told me what the state of the Panth is in. In Praatan times (olden times) Singhs would shower their love and affection on everyone regardless of there avasthaa. A smile makes a big difference, a very big difference – do not underestimate the value of a genuine smile.

Gursikhs that are constantly Japping Naam already develop such a natural smile on their cherai (faces). Gursikhs that are always smiling create a beautiful aura around themselves and everyones soul feels attracted to theirs. The Gursikhs soul becomes almost like a magnet. When Daas was also not on the Sikhi Path, but starting to tread on it, Daas had many encounters with Gursikhs, but only very few will make the effort to smile. This is the difference between Naam ABHIYAASEES and Naam RASEEYAI Gursikhs. Naam Abhiyaasees will always be reciting Naam, rather vigorously and will not speak to anyone – always with their head down doing Abhiyaas. [Note: This is not a bad thing, Daas is the Charan Dhoor of anyone who Japs Naam in whatever way they may do it]

Whereas, Naam Raseeyai Gursikhs are something else! Naam Raseeyai will be Japping Naam in Sehaj avastha all the time with their head up smiling. One will always notice a golden hue on their faces, because they shower the Prem Ras (Love) on everyone they meet affectionately. It does not matter whether one is black or white, Sikh or Muslim, Hindu or Christian or Jewish etc etc – the point is everyone has a soul.

The best present a Gursikh can give to someone is a smile. Inner tranquilty also dawns upon us when we smile because it is an emotion which triggers certain chemicals in our body. Daas must point out, it is a genuine smile we are talking about and not a counterfeit one. One can always notice a genuine smile on the faces of those Gursikhs that Jap Naam.

peeou amrith naam amolak jio chaakh goongaa musakaavath 1
I drink in the Invaluable Nectar of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. Like the mute, I can only smile – I cannot speak of its flavor. 1

– taken from an e-mail

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