In the last post I spoke on camps and how inspirational they all are. Well, I was lucky enough to get to go to KHALSA CAMP this year for my second year. AND IT WAS AMAZING!
The Amrit Vela (waking at 2 for simran – meditation – and nitnem – prayers – it was so amazing. Of course because I’m a fool and that isn’t my regular habit, by the end of the week, i was totally gone….so tired yet still moving on and learning and playing around. Because of the power of the sangat – congreagation – was so vast, it keeps you awake and keeps you moving and alive.

In my opinion, the best parts were the lectures/talks. JUST AMAZING. The topics, the dialect, the presentation was amazing.

‘Internal Sikhi’ By Bhaji Gurvinder Singh

This talk was about the real meaning to be a sikh. It’s good to wear the panj kakkars – 5 K’s – and wear the dastar – turban – and do your paath – prayers – because someone tells you to but it’s better to understand why and do it from the heart.

‘Satguru is the Living Lord’ By Bhaji Daljit Singh Virk

This talk was about expereinces that proved our guru was alive.

‘7 Things to do beafore you die’ By Bhaji Tarsem Singh

This talk was about, as the title says, 7 things to do before you die. This is a random title and there are lots of things to do before you die, the the talker randomly choose a number and it came to 7. Now, what do you want to do or have achieved before you die?

‘The Complete Man’ By Bhaji Dr Dapinder Singh

This talk was about who is the complete man? It is the person who has got the most money in the world? is it tha man who has the most power? is it the man who had died and completed their life? or is it the man who has no regrets?

‘Respecting Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji: Idol Worship’ By Bhaji Atma Singh

This talk was about respecting our guru – our teacher/enlightener – and whether it is idol worship to bow to him. Well, depending on why you bow, it depends. Do you bow with respect and love or is it because everyone else does? Do you bow with the insight and determination o staying on this path or not? Do you bow and ask for money or just bow and ask for god’s blessing?

‘Compassion’ By Bhaji Manvir Singh

This talk was about compassion for each other and everyone. How no matter what anyone says or has done, or what happens or doesn’t happen, you should have love to share not revenge.

‘Sikh Unity’ By Bhaji Manvir Singh

This talk was about how there are alot of contraversial issues in every way of life and each individuals decisions, but should that divide us? NO, to fight the evils of the world, we need to unite and stand tall together.

‘This is how it happened’ By Bhaji Atma Singh.

This talk was about a personal experience of Bhaji Atma Singh and how he came into sikhi and this way of life. This expereince is just one of loads of amazing expereinces and something to enlighten you when you are down. AKAAAAAAAAAAAAL !!!!!!!

Please stay on this page, as in the near future, parts of the talk will be uploaded – hopefully, if not, just e-mail me and tell me to get a move on. Thanks.

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