Ice Bucket Challenge: Why are we unable to donate to useful causes as ‘Gupt’ (anonymous)?

Many people have been doing the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ recently. I’ve thought long and hard about, if I was ever nominated would I or wouldn’t I do the challenge?

As a General consensus it seems that we sometimes need to highlight our Charitable actions (via Facebook, twitter, instagram etc) so everyone is aware we have done some useful!

On the other hand, highlighting actions draws attention to a needed cause, so what is the right thing to do? Remain Gupt or tell everyone what you have done?

I came to the decision that charity donation or work is something between yourself, the charity and God. Having now been nominated – I will be donating to a charity close to my heart, but also a charity that gives 100% of the money to individual who need it rather than only the 30p in every pound.

Ice Bucket Challenge
Ice Bucket Challenge


Why are we unable to donate to useful causes or needable places as ‘Gupt’ (anonymous)?

Hope to bring some Sikhi Perspective on this (Question and Answer through GurBani below) – Other Gurmat minded people may be able to add and give a better answer.

theerath barath ar dhaan kar man mai dharai gumaan |
Those who make pilgrimages to sacred shrines, observe ritualistic fasts and make donations to charity while still taking pride in their minds

naanak nihafal jaath thih jio kunchar eisanaan |46|
– O Nanak, their actions are useless, like the elephant, who takes a bath, and then rolls in the dust. ||46||

kanchan kae kott dhath karee bahu haivar gaivar dhaan |
If I made a donation of castles of gold, and gave lots of fine horses and wondrous elephants in charity,

bhoom dhaan gooaa ghanee bhee anthar garab gumaan |
and if I made donations of land and cows-even then, pride and ego would still be within me.

punn dhaan changiaaeeaa bin saachae kiaa thaas |
you may give donations to charity, and perform good deeds, but without the True One, what is the use of it all?

sathee paap kar sath kamaahi |
Men of charity gather wealth by committing sins, and then give it away in donations to charity

punn dhaan jap thap jaethae sabh oopar naam |
Donations to charity, meditation and penance – above all of them is the Naam.

kish punn dhaan anaek karanee naam thul n samasarae |
Giving donations to charity, and performing various religious rituals are not equal to the contemplation of the Naam.

jih prasaadh karehi punn bahu dhaan |
By His Grace, you give donations in abundance to charities;

poojaa varath thilak eisanaanaa punn dhaan bahu dhain |
Worship, fasting, ceremonial marks on one’s forehead, cleansing baths, generous donations to charities and self-mortification

kehoon n bheejai sanjam suaamee bolehi meethae bain |1|
– the Lord Master is not pleased with any of these rituals, no matter how sweetly one may speak. ||1||

saalaahi saachae mann sathigur punn dhaan dhaeiaa mathae |
Worship the True Lord, and believe in the True Guru; this brings the merit of making donations to charity, kindness and compassion.

kott dhaan eisanaanan anik sodhan pavithratheh |
The benefits of millions of charitable donations and cleansing baths, and countless ceremonies of purification and piety,

oucharanth naanak har har rasanaa sarab paap bimuchathae |1|
O Nanak, are obtained by chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har with one’s tongue; all sins are washed away. ||1||

punn dhaan poojaa paramaesur har keerath thath beechaarae |
The merits of giving donations to charity and devotional worship come from the Kirtan of the Praises of the Transcendent Lord; this is the true essence of wisdom.

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