Help! Who to Support? 

​Political friends I need a bit of help …..
Currently I feel that I can’t support either candidate – May or Leadsom – for the following reasons. 

– eurosceptic but didn’t campaign for it

– immigration was a key issue but as Home Secretary she made no comments

– the nanny state ideas (CCTV monitoring etc) I don’t support

– whats her views outside the Home Office?

– whats her legacy in the Home Office apart from getting rid of Qatadar

– abstains from a vote on equal marriage … she should have had a view

– she’s said workers rights and maternity rights shouldn’t have to be in place for smaller businesses

– religious freedom possibly being infringed

– social justice issues seem not to be at the top of her agenda (and thats something I fundamentally believe in).
For those who have decided …. please do comment below on who you are backing and why. Or if you are in the same boat as me … comment that too! Right now, it doesn’t matter if you are a member of the party or not, whether you have a vote or not.
Look forward to hearing your views. Please be civil with opposing views.

2 thoughts on “Help! Who to Support? 

  1. Gary Appleton says:

    You have to support Andrea. She has her problems e.g. gay rights but these are safe guarded and unlikely to be reversed. I’m gay and not worried. But how can May ever be as enthusiastic about #brexit? Whether you’re for brexit or not, we’re leaving. Do you want ‘I’ll do my very best’ or ‘I believe that we have a very exciting future and I can’t wait to get stuck in’? No contest. Come on Harsimrat, you’re brilliant. You know I’m right.


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