First India Trip – 2014

My first India trip was filled with seva (charity work), family and an unique spiritual journey.

Unique Home

Visiting Unique Home for Girls in Jallandhar where there are 68 girls being brought up and educated by Parkash Kaur was an amazing opportunity. To hold the girls and spread pyaar (love) around the Home brought a tear to my eyes. I am still shocked that parents can give up girls as beautiful as these – they are a gift to this world and, with God’s grace, are getting a good start in life thanks to Unique Home. See photos below.

Shaheed Families

Also, hearing the shaheed families (families of those who have lost someone in 1984 Massacre or in the years after) stories and seeing the pain in their eyes made me realise how lucky I am. These families have basic amenities and housing but yet have given so much for the panth (community). See photos below.


Meeting family for the first time is always fun and interesting. Hearing my Grandma tell us stories of them, seeing photos and building a relationship – priceless.

Spiritual Journey

The spiritual journey through Punjabi and India is beyond words. The amount of history in the Gurdware and locations – one would need at least a year to look at in detail. Spending a few days here, and a few days there – there was just not enough time. But regardless of the length of time spent in a place – the peaceful environment was felt as soon as you walked through the gates but had a lasting effect. I can still remember entering Harmandir Sahib (the Golden Temple) and feeling that instant calmness, hearing the beautifully sung keertan (hymms), watching the sarovar (pool of nectar) reflect all that was happening around it. The best part was walking into the Darbar Sahib and seeing Maharaj (the King of Kings) sat on his throne. The photos only show a snapshot of the experience.

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