EU and Human Rights

Many people confuse leaving the EU with leaving the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights). The EU is a political union between 21 countries whereas the ECHR over looks all European Countries. A vote to leave the EU IS NOT a vote to leave the ECHR.

The ECJ (European Court of Justice) has already over-ruled British laws. This is because the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights has said the UK courts must obey the European Court, applying its decisions on fundamental rights, at a European level. The ECJ has also held, that when implementing EU law, member states may not apply their own, higher standards of protection of fundamental rights in place of the Charter, since this would jeopardise the uniformity of EU law. Further reading available here:


The law given by the ECJ cannot be ignored or appealed or over ruled. Their status is supreme to our British laws.

Due to the ECJ not having an appeal process the current religious items ban in France and Belgium are being fought on a human rights basis at the ECHR – which we will continue to do after a leave vote from the EU. This means we can continue to fight for our brothers and sisters abroad where religious freedom is being clamped down on.

A vote to leave would allow us to set an example to the rest of Europe that it is possible to protect religious freedom and have a civilised society. It would set a presidence for future laws just like the Mandla v Dowell Lee case has here in the UK. As well as the ECHR, we also can use the UN courts and our international status to fight against the restriction of religious freedom in other countries.

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