Does God Exist Scientifically?

There are many scientific discoveries you won’t learn about from high school and college textbooks. The best-known “icons” of evolution – from pictures of apes evolving into humans, to comparisons of fish and human embryos, to moths on tree trunks – are fraudulent or misleading. For decades, biology students have been taught things about evolution that are simply untrue. Wait until you start reading some of the truth… it’s utterly amazing…

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Does God Exist – Based on the latest scientific evidence, has atheism become a greater leap of faith than theism? Check out the evidence for the existence of God here!
Proof Of God – Outside of faith, can we really establish that God exists?
Charles Darwin Video – Watch this short video clip on Charles Darwin and his infamous theory of evolution. Discover the truth today!
Second Law of Thermodynamics Video – Watch this awesome video clip on the huge number of perfect settings needed to sustain life on earth. Are these things random happenstance or designed? You decide!
Irreducible Complexity – Logically explain the gradual and random development of complex systems such as the human eye, ear, heart, lungs and brain.
Intelligent Design Video – Watch this extraordinary video clip of mechanical and biological machines. See the fantastic complexity of life at the molecular level. Does it point to an act of random evolution or design? What do the triple PhD’s and experts think about this?
DNA Double Helix – The complex structure that dictates everything in all living systems.
Theory Of Relativity Video – Watch this amazing video clip on the incredible number of perfect settings required to sustain life on our planet. Could all of these factors happened by chance?
Evolution of Man Video – Who was Darwin and what are the arguments regarding his theory? What is natural selection and how does it play into what Charles Darwin believed?
Origin of Life Video – Stream this short video clip on the huge question of origins. Do you know what you believe and can you back it up with evidence?
God The Creator – Read a creative piece called The Creator’s Song. You will enjoy this expressive description of creation.
Origin of Species Video – Check out this incredible video clip of the Lampsillis Mussle. Is there a logical explanation for how evolution could explain the creation of this mussle?
Big Bang Theory Video – Stream this short video on the big bang theory. Explore alternatives to our ultimate question of origins. Where did life come from?
DNA Double Helix Video – Watch this awesome video clip of the spinning DNA double helix. Does it point to an act of random evolution or intelligent design? See the process of transcription and translation. You be the judge. What do the experts think?
Origin Of The Universe – The atheist mechanisms for all that we see. The Big Bang and Inflation Universe Theories. The Evolutionary Theories. A Critique.
Intelligent Design – An examination of mechanical and biological machines. Spontaneous generation vs. concept and design. The fantastic complexity at the molecular level.
Origin Of Life – What are the latest conjectures regarding the origin of all we see?
Evolutionism – An overall picture of the evolutionary world-view and its various assumed stages. Discover the truth now.
All About Science – Does science improve our daily lives? Does it make us consider where life originated in the first place? Find answers here.
God The Creator – A lyrical version of the beginning of time and how God created the universe and all that is in it.
Microscopic Organisms – A bacterial motor is one thousand times more efficient than an outboard motor and miniaturized by a factor containing many zeros.
Fossil Record – If my theory be true, numberless intermediate varieties, linking closely together all the species of the same group, must assuredly have existed.
Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution – The theory of natural selection and its various issues.
All About The Journey – Read the story of one man who challenged his long-held preconceptions about life, purpose, and meaning. What is his conclusion?
Radiometric Dating – A review of the latest scientific techniques for dating inorganic objects.
Charles Darwin – The basic theory and huge outcome on our world today.
Cell Structure – Each cell is in effect a veritable micro-miniaturized factory containing thousands of exquisitely designed pieces of intricate molecular machinery.
Age Of Earth – Is the earth really billions of years old? Check out the evidence for yourself.
Dinosaur Extinction – Review the considerable evidence for this theory of recent dinosaur extinction. The facts overwhelmingly point to it as being truth.
Creation Vs. Evolution – An emotional debate that goes to the core of life and meaning.
Origin Of Life – Compelling media and pop science sell the notion that water, rocks, volcanic salts and time can produce reproducing life.
Piltdown Man – Missing link or deliberate hoax? You be the judge.
The Age Of The Earth Part 2 – What are the lastest scientific dating methods used by acedmic science today?
Intelligent Design Theory – The living results of natural selection overwhelmingly impress us with the appearance of design as if by a master watchmaker. Just appearance?
Geologic Time Scale – Do we really see credible time periods in the layers of our earth’s crust?
Problems With The Fossil Record – Is there any example of a transitional series of fossilized organisms that document the transformation of one Kind of plant or animal into another?
Creation Evidence – Is there really any evidence for supernatural creation? Check it out for yourself!
The Dinosaur Fossils – The fossil record contains fantastic evidence for our past. Check it out now.
Evidence For Intelligent Design – Phenomenal discoveries in the last few decades have unequivocally demonstrated that living systems are machines at the deepest, molecular level.
Theory Of Evolution – Science has established many stages of evolution that would be required prior to any possibility of neo-Darwinian evolution.
Origin Of Species – The book and theory that changed the way we think about life origins.
Evolution Of Man – Discover the facts about microevolution, natural selection, and speciation – the three major principles of this theory. What is the evidence?
All About Creation – Research various accounts from Adam and Eve to evidence for evolution. Make an informed decision on the origin of life.
DNA Molecule – Organic life is based on vastly complex information code. Like today’s complex software codes, such information cannot arise by chance.
Uniformitarianism – The emergence, history, and meaning of the geological doctrine which assumes uniform geologic processes throughout the unobservable past.
Human Evolution – A look at the history and controversy surrounding the missing link evidence.
Carbon Dating – How do scientists use this relatively rare radioactive isotope to determine how long ago an organic specimen died? Find out more.
Evolution Vs. Creation – What are the basic differences between these two scientific world-views?
Big Bang Theory – Our universe is thought to have begun as infinitesimally small, infinitely hot, and infinitely dense. Then something happened.
Catastrophism – Did our earth experience huge cataclysm in our not too distant past?
How Old Is The Earth? – Does science really conflict with what the Bible tells us about our history?
Creation Vs. Evolution – A look at the public schools and the popular media when it comes to this debate.
Human Eye – The simultaneous development of all the structures for sight is unavoidable. Since parts that develop separately cannot be used.
Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Video – Stream a short video on this theory. See the incredible advances we’ve made in molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics since Charles Darwin.
Evolution And The Fossil Record – Predictable progressions have not been found — yet the optimism has died hard, and some pure fantasy has crept into textbooks.
Creation Of Life – In laboratory experiments, scientists produced traces of one or two amino acids. Is this proof for the spontaneous generation of life?
Second Law: Thermodynamics – What does this well-established law of physics mean for you and me?
Spontaneous Generation – Neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory still doesn’t deal with the first organism that arose by chance in the so-called prebiotic soup.
Theory Of Relativity – The basics of Albert Einstein’s theory regarding gravitational phenomena. The assumptions and approximations.
Miracle Of Life – Could life evolve randomly and gradually from inorganic matter over time? Not according to mathematicians and statisticians.
Dragon History – Are the dinosaurs in our fossil record really the dragons of the Bible?
The Age Of The Earth – What evidence in our observable world actually limits its age to thousands of years?
Origin Of The Universe – About 15 billion years ago a tremendous explosion started the expansion of the universe. This explosion is called the Big Bang.
Evidence For Evolution – What does the fossil record tell us about the 150-year-old theory?
The Flood – Bible story or Bible truth? Check out the evidence for yourself.
Charles Darwin – Although true beneficial mutations have never been observed, neo-Darwinian theory is today’s general conjecture regarding evolutionary change.

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