Connect with a UNIQUE Sister – Pyaar (Love) Campaign

Kaurs Corner sevadars (volunteers) have now visited Unique Home in Jallandhar to take clothes, bags, books, pens and give a donation. We will be continuing to give a monthly donation for the foreseeable future.

Please scroll down for photos.


Following on from Mothers Day and the Kaurs Corner Mothers Day post (click here to read), Kaurs Corner sevadars (volunteers) have set up a Pyaar, or love, Campaign.

Every body wants a Mother; everybody wants a wife; but no one wants a Girl Child….


Kaur’s Corner are asking people to fill in the postcards they created, join the Pyaar campaign, and share some Pyaar with a sister from the Unique Home for Girls in Jallandhar. Unique Home is a home set up by Bibi Parkash Kaur and houses 60 girl of various ages who have been abandoned just because they were girls.

So join Kaur’s Corner on the 20th of April, 2014 at the Derby Smagam, and sign a postcard with love!

For those who can’t attend the smagam, feel free to e-mail a message to and the Kaur’s Corner volunteer sevadars will write the note on your behalf. Alternatively, write the message by hand, scan in a copy and e-mail it over and they will get it printed onto the postcards.


Spoken Word:



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