Come, O my companions – let us go and enjoy God

This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Soohee on Pannaa 742  
sUhI mhlw 5 ]
soohee mehalaa 5 ||
Soohee, Fifth Mehla:
gux gopwl pRB ky inq gwhw ]
gun gopaal prabh kae nith gaahaa ||
Where the Glorious Praises of God, the Lord of the world are continually sung,
And ibnod mMgl suK qwhw ]1]
anadh binodh ma(n)gal sukh thaahaa ||1||
there is bliss, joy, happiness and peace. ||1||
clu sKIey pRBu rwvx jwhw ]
chal sakheeeae prabh raavan jaahaa ||
Come, O my companions – let us go and enjoy God.
swD jnw kI crxI pwhw ]1] rhwau ]
saadhh janaa kee charanee paahaa ||1|| rehaao ||
Let us fall at the feet of the holy, humble beings. ||1||Pause||
kir bynqI jn DUir bwCwhw ]
kar baenathee jan dhhoor baashhaahaa ||
I pray for the dust of the feet of the humble.
jnm jnm ky iklivK lwhW ]2]
janam janam kae kilavikh laahaa(n) ||2||
It shall wash away the sins of countless incarnations. ||2||
mnu qnu pRwx jIau Arpwhw ]
man than praan jeeo arapaahaa ||
I dedicate my mind, body, breath of life and soul to God.
hir ismir ismir mwnu mohu ktwhW ]3]
har simar simar maan mohu kattaahaa(n) ||3||
Remembering the Lord in meditation, I have eradicated pride and emotional attachment. ||3||
dIn dieAwl krhu auqswhw ]
dheen dhaeiaal karahu outhasaahaa ||
O Lord, O Merciful to the meek, please give me faith and confidence,
nwnk dws hir srix smwhw ]4]20]26]
naanak dhaas har saran samaahaa ||4||20||26||
so that slave Nanak may remain absorbed in Your Sanctuary. ||4||20||26||

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