Bandi Choor Divas and what we can learn….

As the 7ft 6 Guru Hargobind Sahib was captured by the moghuls and imprisoned in the Gwalior Fort, his plan was taking shape.
Guru sahib had infact built a friendship with the then emperor Jahangir. He saved the emperor from certain death as a lion attacked. Jahangir had become a great admirer of the young Sikh guru however this was short lived.

Murtaza Khan (Govenor of Lahore) became increasingly intimidated by Guru Sahib. He approached Jahangir and concocted a story to initiate an attack. He said in Amritsar the Sikh guru has constructed a throne which is higher than any in the country and he is proclaiming to be higher than even you. He is looking to avenge the death of his father, we have to do something.

Jahangir was an erratic leader who was easily influenced. Much different to Akbar, his understanding and respectable father.
Jahangir had already imprisoned 52 Hindu kings from around India, who were the localized leaders.
So Guru Hargobind was taken to the Gwalior fort, an impenetrable fortress and still remains as one of the lasting memories of the moghul dynasty.
While Guru sahib remained in prison he sang Gurbani, repeated Naam and those around him were transfixed by such an individual. He was not only a warrior but also a saint. At amritvela the prisoners saw the light of God shining through Guru Sahib. Each time he repeated Vaheguru, the light just got brighter and brighter.

Guru sahib was no prisoner, he was there to liberate others. He was there to break the shackles of those who were powerless.
The world encourages us to put shackles on us such as

‘I can’t keep my Kesh,

I can’t do paath,

I can’t do simran,

I can’t take Amrit – what will people think.

Our Guru Hargobind sahib is always there waiting for us to call him to our aid, to break these bonds. For some reason we don’t want to call him. We are happy in our lives, attaching ourselves to society but at the same time our bonds with Guru are getting weaker.
Most of society infact entices us to move away from Sikhi.
Emperor Jahangir had become really Ill and was told that he would need a holy man to pray for him as all other medical help had been exhausted. There was not hope and Guru Hargobind sahib was asked to help.
The sangtaaa of Amritsar led by Baba Buddha ji approached Gwalior Fort. By now Guru sahib had been imprisoned for months and they were missing Guruji immensely. They were also worried that they may never see Guru sahib again.
Guru assured them that he would be returning to Amritsar soon.
Guru can get rid of any disease or pain as long as one has faith.
Once Jahangir got better Guruji was granted release but refused to leave. Guru taught us that oppression is a sin and so is allowing it to happen. Guru ji ordered the release of all the 52 kings who were political prisoners and had committed no crime. Jahangir then tried to cleverly restrict the amount of prisoners released by saying

‘only those who can hold onto your chola, will be released’

Guruji instantly ordered a special chola to be made with 52 tassels
and walked out of Gwalior fort with the 52 kings following.

This is a strong message for us all. If we put faith in the Guru, he will lead us out of difficulty and deliver us into peace. Great are those who hold onto guru sahib regardless of what they experience in their life. For all is a learning experience. The kings would have to live as beggars and peasants to fully appreciate living as kings. When we experience hardship guru sahib is always with us but we often lose faith. Those that keep faith are released from these shackles of pain and feel better for the experience gained, for them they can fully appreciate the bliss are given by Guru. Something they have never experienced before.

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