Bandi Chhor

So many of us will be celebrating Bandi Chhor tomorrow – but what will we be doing?

Taking a day off school/work, spending time with our family, lighting candles, going to the Gurdwara, watching firework displays ……..

Guru Hargobind Ji taught us to stand up for those without a voice, stand up against the injustice in this world – so can we make a difference?

Being a Sikh is also about being an activist, choose something you are good at and use that ability to make a difference – whether that’s making videos/podcasts on human rights issues, speaking to your MPs, or even speaking out for people closer to home or in your neighborhood that can’t afford to keep the heating on this winter or for the child down the road who can’t afford his school uniform because they are overpriced — lets do something!

Lets also teach our friends, work colleagues, lecturers, family members that we celebrate Bandi Chhor – the day of freedom/liberation – and that we are willing to stand up for the right of others………


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