Annual TV debate

I saw in the paper this morning that Jeremy Corbyn has “challenged” David Cameron to an ‘annual TV debate.’

Jeremy Corbyn states;

No political leader should shrink from the chance to engage more fully with the public

but has he forgotten that David Cameron since becoming Leader of the Conservative Party has done Cameron Direct’swhere he goes to different places and takes questions from the audience. Mostly these were town hall type events. Since becoming Prime Minister he has continued these under the PM Direct banner.

Other ways Cameron engaged with the public was through WebCameron – his YouTube channel where he would answer direct questions from the public.

Cameron was the first one to say that we should have TV debates back in the 2010 general election. After this, for the 2015 general election, he agreed that the TV debates should occur again as it engaged the public but wanted them more spread out and more so the audience/public can engage more with the leaders directly.

Personally, from the Question Time style debate where the audience were able to ask direct questions to Cameron and Miliband and then follow up after the reply – I loved that style of questioning.

I love the proposal of more audience based debates where the public can question leaders. It can’t be the leaders and 5 questions in 2 hours – that doesn’t give us an insight to them or their policies at all. The leaders debates were good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the leaders talking against each other and they do that most weeks in PMQs.  We need something different, something engaging, something that allows the audience maximum time to ask questions and follow up.

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