#AllThingsPolitics – “It’s a Girl”

With the #GirlSummit on Tuesday (http://www.girlsummitpledge.com/) and many individuals speaking about FGM, forced marriages and child marriage it’s approproate for me to share this video that Kaurs Corner (a UK based charity) made in collaboration with artist Illustrated Thoughts to produce the video “It’s a girl” regarding female infanticide and gender discrimination.

Dedicated to the sisters at Unique Home for Girls in Jallandhar and Bibi Parkash Kaur who runs the home and has taken in many girls – care for them, clothed them, educated them and when the time was right got them married. At this time she looks after 64 girls from newborns to 18 years of age and a Kaurs Corner sevadar (volunteer) will be visiting this home to give a donation, clothes (as collected) and spending time with them next week.

Please watch and share.

Join our pyaar (love) campaign www.kaurscorner.com/pyaar-campaign-2014/

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