All Things Politics – w/e 27 September 2013

This week we have the UKIP conference and Labour party annual conference.

UKIP conference

The UKIP conference was interesting since they held it in Westminister yet Farage says westminster politicians are out of touch with the public. Farage in his speech said that UKIP have grown up over the last year but then one of the MEPs, Bloom, at a women-in-politics fringe event said that this room was ‘full of sluts.’ Bloom was then asked my a Journalist why there was no coloured people on the front cover of the UKIP brochure, he responded by hitting the Journalist!

We should remember – that a party is a team not just one individual!

See the full video here:

It is worth mentioning that UKIP although seem to have strict plans for immigration but are they achievable? Now although I agree illegal immigration needs to be tackled, I also believe that Britain’s moral of allowing those who wish to work, and work hard, should be allowed into this country. UKIP have good ideas and know how to talk about issues that are emotive to the public – but are they good for Britain? What do they really stand for and how would they deliver such policies?

Also, it should be asked: what are their policies on education, schools, women, equality, NHS and more!

Labour party conference

The Labour party conference was very intriguing as Labour actually announced some policies and I think The Now Show on Radio 4 put it the best — ‘one was illegal, one disappeared overnight and one wiped a billion pounds off the stock market.’

Labour suggested that any company wanting to hire a foreign worker then they would also have to employ a UK apprentice, but under EU law, this is illegal.

Ed Miliband announced that if he is elected Prime Minister in 2015 then he would freeze gas and electric bill prices until 2017 but what he did not explain is that before an election companies hike up their tariffs and costs so would he freeze them at that rate or lower them first? Many people started selling their shares in the gas and electric companies because if they can’t make profit as a company then why would individuals invest in them — hence the billion pounds loss in the stock  markets. For views on this see BBC News – Pros and cons of Ed Miliband’s energy price freeze plan

The catch-phrase for Miliband’s speech was ‘we are better than this’ but he didn’t say how. Miliband spoke a lot about how the Government is ‘racing to the bottom’ instead of the top but did not give any suggestions on how we reach the top. He did not once in his speech talk about schools, education, social mobility and the next generation.

See the full analysis of the speech below:

Next weeks blog: A detailed blog of the Conservative Party Conference with photos, personal experience, and more!

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