52 commands of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji


1) Earn by honest means.

2) Give one tenth of your salary.

3) Memorize Gurbani.

4) Wake up at Amrit Vela (before dawn).

5) Serve a Sikh Servant with devotion.

6) Learn the meanings of Gurbani from Sikh Scholars.

7) Follow the discipline of the 5 K’s strictly.

8) Practice Shabad Gurbani in life.

9) Concentrate on the True Guru (God).

10) Accept the Guru Granth Sahib as Guru.

11) At the beginning of a task, do ardaas.

12) At birth, death, or marriage ceremonies, do Japji Sahib, make Karaah Parshaad, do five stanzas of anand sahib, do ardaas, and then distribute Karaah Parshaad to the Panj Pyare, the Granthi, and then to the sangat.

13) Until Karaah Parshaad is completely distributed, the Sangat should remain sitting and unmoving.

14) Do not start married life without Anand Karaj (Sikh ceremony of marriage).

15) Recognize all other women other than your wife as mothers and sisters. Do not engage in sinful behaviour with them.

16) Do not silence your wife.

17) Abandon the worldly, false tobacco-poison.

18) Keep the company of Sikhs who follow the Rehat and meditate on the Name (of God).

19) Don’t be lazy in life.

20) Listen and perform kirtan and Gurbani discourses daily.

21) Do not engage in slander, gossip or spite anyone.

22) Do not take pride in wealth, youth and caste.

23) Keep the religious discipline high and pure.

24) Do not refrain from doing Righteous deeds.

25) Recognize God as the giver of intellect and strength.

26) Do not believe a person who breaks promises.

27) Rule Independently. In the affairs of government, do not give people of other religions authority/power.

28) Study politics.

29) Treat the opponent with respect.

30) Practice the knowledge of weaponry and horse riding.

31) – Study the books and knowledge of other faiths. But keep trust in Gurbani and Akal Purukh.

32) Follow the teachings of the Guru.

33) After Rehras Paatth, do Ardaas standing up.

34) Recite Kirtan Sohila before going to sleep.

35) Wear a turban at all times.

36) Do not call a Singh by half of their name (nickname).

37) Do not partake of alcoholic drinks.

38) Do not give a daughter’s hand to a clean shaven. Give her hand in a house where God’s Sikhi exists, where the household is not in debt, is of a good nature, is disciplined and knowledgeable.

39) Do all work in accordance with Gurbani.

40) Do not ruin someone’s work by gossip.

41) Do not utter bitter statements.

42) Make pilgrimages to Gurudwaras only.

43) Fulfill all promises that are made.

44) Do as much sewa as you can for foreigners, the needy and the troubled.

45) Recognize the property of a daughter as poison – Do not take a daughters wealth.

46) Do not become an outward show-off Sikh.

47) Live as a Keshadhari Sikh.

48) Do not engage in theft, gangs, fraud, and falsity

49) Believe and trust in Gursikhs

50) Do not give false testimony.

51) Do not cheat.

52) Distribute Langar and Karaah Parshaad with equality.


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